Let's walk through the Rinku Park ♪

 The sea and the sky spreading in front of you!

 Why don't you enjoy the Rinku Park.

 We introduce the recommended course.


Go up the stairs which called "Taikobashi".

It is a perfect place to watch the sunset and the plane flying away.

You can see the beautiful landscape from top of the Taikobashi.

You can see "The Four Seasons Spring" over there.


It’s illuminated at night.


Down the stairs then turn left.

Down the stairs then you arrive at "Ishibutai".

Much kind of festivals are held here.


You can see the Gate Tower Building which is a symbol of the Rinku Town.

Walk along the street with inner sea.

It is the best place to watch the sea and Kansai International Airport.


You can see the plane take off .

Walk along the street.

Arrived at the entrance of Seaside green tract of land and Marble Beach.


If you take route ①, you can take in the park. 

If you want to go Premium Outlet, please go to route ②. 

Marble beach is created with an image of 9 types pines and white sand in mind, it lets visitors enjoy the scent of the sea breeze and the sound of the wave.



Not only the sea but also five types of small gardens which is Japanese traditional style are located here.

Return to the entrance then get up the overpass.

You can see the Gate Tower Building and Ferris wheel “Rinku no Hoshi” which is a symbol of the Rinku Town.

Go straight overpass then arrived at Rinku Premium Outlet.