How to go to "Rinku Park".

You exit the Rinku Town station, there is “Rinku Papilio” that is station building.

Station ticket gate is on the 2nd floor.


If you use the 2nd floor pathway, you can go to any shops smoothly.

Let’s go shopping!


Take for the 2nd exit, turn left here.

2nd exit!

Take the 2nd floor pathway during Rinku Plesure Town Seacle’s business hores for direct access to the Rinku Premium Outlets. In this case,click here!


Go straight out from here to the outside.

Turn right here. 

You can see sideways on your left.

Turn left here and takes the pathway.


If you want to go Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan, Please go straight.Click here for more information.

Walk along the pathway.

Turn right here.

Go straight, you arrive at Rinku Park.


Many flowers is blooming in "Walkway to the Sea".


Walk along "Walkway to the Sea" then you arrive at "The Sunset Hill" which is center of the park .


If you take route 1,you can stroll through in the park.

If you want to go Administration office, please go to route 2.


Our recommended course is here!