How to go to "Yamada Denki, Nitori Rinku, Sports DEPO".

You exit the Rinku Town station, there is “Rinku Papilio” that is station building.

Station ticket gate is on the 2nd floor.


If you use the 2nd floor pathway, you can go to any shops smoothly.

Travel light.


Leave your belongings off at “Rinku Machi Dokoro” or “Mabruk”.

Let’s go shopping.

Take for the 6th  exit.


Turn right here.

6th  exit.


Go straight out from here to the outside.

Turn right here.

Get off the stairs, you see on your right side.

Walk along the road.

A signboard will be visible in front of you.

Arrived at Yamada Denki.

Through the crosswalk, turn left. 

Arrived at Nitori Rinku and Sport DEPO.