Rinku Premium Outlets


"Charleston", an historic port town in the

American state of North Carolina, is the

inspiration behind this open space with

210 stores. Shop everyday and take

advantage of affordable prices. Find you

favorite brands here.

Rinku Orai-minami 3-28, Izumisano City


□Product sales 10:00~20:00

□Restaurants 11:00~21:00

□Cafes 9:30~20:00 (Varies by shop)

※Schedules are subject to change at the beginning

and end of the year, during Golden Week, and other specified dates.

Parking Available

Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle


The popular giant Ferris Wheel "Rinku no
Hoshi" is an iconic landmark of Rinku
Town. Enjoy the spectacular view from the Ferris Wheel, or go shopping, or dig into a delicious meal.

Rinku Orai-minami 3, Izumisano City
□Shops 10:00~20:00(May vary for some shops)
□Restaurants 11:00~22:00(May vary for some shops)
Parking Available

Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan


Aeon is a shopping mall with close ties to the local production community and home to nearly 170 specialty shops.

The mall also contains a theater and an amusement facility that will keep you busy all day with fun activities.

Rinku Minamihama 3-12, Sennan City
□Aeon Mall Specialty Shops 10:00~22:00
□Food Court 10:00~22:00
□Aeon Rinku Sennan Shop 9:00~22:00

( But Aeon's food department open: 8:00~23:00)
□Aeon Cinema 9:00~24:00
※May vary for some shops
Parking Available

Nitori Rinku


Furniture and home accessories
that add color to your everyday life.
Furniture and interior goods for all lifestyles.Whether you're starting out a new life or refreshing your interior, we can help.


Rinku Orai-minami 3-27, Izumisano City 【MAP】

Parking Available

Sports Depo Rinku Shop


We can meet any of your sporting good needs! Come check out our large selections, from our permanent lineup to seasonal items.(Just looking at all our merchandise will make you feel like an athlete!)


Rinku Orai-minami 3-27, Izumisano City 【MAP】


Parking Available



An extensive lineup of goods!Offering daily necessities at "eternally low prices." We are committed to bringing you cheap prices.


Rinku Orai-kita 1-10, Izumisano City 【MAP】
Open 24 hours
Parking Available

Yamada Denki

We can help you with all things
electric! Experts are on standby to help you with anything you need, from information about new products, good deals and product instructions.


Rinku Orai-minami 2-10, Izumisano City 【MAP】
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:15~21:00
Parking Available

Southern Pier


Do some shopping at a direct shop and
dine while gazing out at Marble Beach
or the airport. You can find local fruits
and vegetables that are in season at


Rinku Minamihama 4-201, Sennan City 【MAP】
9:00~18:00/Closed Wednesdays
Parking Available